Winter Haven High School Guitar Department

Guitar 1 is a year long course covering basic instrument knowledge and application of music fundamentals. Students will be taught how to read music as well as chord symbols, and tablature. Guitar 2-4 begins to focus on guitar ensembles and classical guitar solos. All classes will learn about a variety of music genres that encompass everything from Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, and Classical.

About the Instructor

Jessica Floyd

Ms. Floyd has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a minor in Education, from Stetson University, where she studied with renown guitarist, Dr. Stephen Robinson. She has been teaching guitar to all ages, for the past 12 years, beginning with  private lessons, as an Adjunct Professor at Stetson University, in non-profit music studios, and in the public school system for 5 years. She enjoys seeing her students progress throughout the years, and mature in their musicality on the guitar.

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